Volunteer Hours Update

Updated Wednesday March 29, 2017 by AYHA.

Volunteer Hours Report 

Note the date of the file, hours are current up to that date. If your player is NOT on this list, your volunteer hours have been satisfied, you have "bought out" your hours, or were exempt from hours (e.g. approved Termite On-Ice Volunteer).

Coach Credit Hours ARE NOT YET POSTED.  If you are a coach/volunteer or believe you should be getting credits from a coach, please contact your coach directly. Coaches must submit their designated hours to AYHA.  

As per AYHA's Volunteer Policy, if you have hours remaining on your account at the end of March, your account will be assessed a total of $15.00 per hour, plus a $15 assessment fee. You WILL NOT be eligible for early registration in April until the assessment is paid in full. 

If you have hours remaining, your choices are as follows:

  • Work the remaining hours before the end of the season 
  • Buy out your remaining hours - to do this, please send a request with your name and player name to registration@adkhockey.com