Become a TERMITE On-Ice Volunteer

Updated Sunday November 20, 2016 by AYHA.

A Termite On-Ice Volunteer is a parent, guardian, or family friend that is willing to go out on the ice to guide the Termite Player, and to assist the Coaching staff when possible. When you are an approved Termite On-Ice Volunteer, AYHA will waive your 4 hour volunteer requirement (which costs $60 to "buy out").  

How to become a Termite On-Ice Volunteer:

  1. Get your USA Hockey ID. You must select "Ice Player/Coach"
  2. Complete your background screening. See our Screening Policy for more information and to see if you already qualify. Your screening is good for 2 years.
  3. Register with AYHA. Select the Termite division and apply for the "Termite On-Ice Volunteer" Role. 
  4. Once this is completed and verified, AYHA will issue you a Photo ID credential, and credit your account for the volunteer hours. You are now set to go out on the ice!

Rules for Termite On-Ice Volunteers:

  1. You must be on skates. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. You must have a helmet. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. You must have a Photo ID credential to step on the ice. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. Please stay with your child, espeically if they are just learning to skate. If possible, please help the coaching staff as directed.
  5. The coaching staff is responsible for running drills and directing the practices. Please refrain from coordinating group activities - this is the responsibility of the trained/certified coaching staff.

If you have questions, please contact our Termite Director at

Approved Termite On-Ice Volunteers as of 11/20/2016:

Anderson Justin
Authier Matt
Beecher Jeffrey
Benedict Tira
Borie Brian
Bullard John
Campbell Peter
Chapman Andrew
Clifford Adam
Currier Stephen
Devaux Jon
DiLandro Joseph
Dutch Evan
England John
Genovese Michael
Glennie Doug
Hall Brian
Hall Samuel
Harrington Jeff
Harrington Jodi
Hartman Kyle
Herlihy Joshua
Herrick Sarah
Higgins Theresa
Howk Chris
Howk Angeline
Hunt Jimmy
Jenkins Michael
LaClair Bruce
Landry Keith
Laney Kristy
Lawrence Margaret
Lawrence Royce
Linehan Derek
Nusca Erik
Parsons Brian
Purdy Scott
Reich Louis
Robinson James
Romanowski Scott
Santamore Jason
Shipley Eric
Smith Lucas
St John Justin
Stiles Jessica
Strong Jason
Sweeney Kelley
Thrasher Ryan
VanDerwerken Mike
West Brad
White Henry
White Kelsey
Wise Ryan
Wood Kathryn
Yando Nate
Young Matt