Message Regarding "C" Travel Teams

Applies to All AYHA U10, U12, and U14 Eligible Players:

Updated Tuesday April 25, 2017 by AYHA.

To: All AYHA U10, U12, and U14 Eligible Players:

SUBJECT: C Travel Teams

As many of you know, AYHA is unique as we support both travel and in-house (recreational) youth hockey. Our philosophy has always been to provide an environment for any youth player, at any skill level, to play the game of hockey. Many youth hockey organizations are travel only, that is, if you don’t make a team, you are out of luck or need to travel to another city/town to play. Some organizations are in-house only. This inclusive philosophy has its challenges, especially when it comes to players who do not make “A” or “B” travel teams who want to have a competitive experience. “C” travel teams were created to fill this gap. A long time ago, AYHA house league teams occasionally participated in tournaments, but it was not done in a formal way.

At the most recent board meeting, the board reviewed and discussed the following options:

  1. Keep C travel teams as an adjunct to house league (past 2 seasons)
  2. Make C travel teams travel only (like A/B teams, no house league)
  3. Elimination of C travel teams

Ultimately the vote was to for Option 1, keeping with the same model as previous 2 seasons – with a modification of travel rules to define the parameters of C team play, so there is no ambiguity regarding C team play.

Why not Option 2? It was discussed and agreed that a viable house league should have at least 3 teams in each division. We simply do not have the numbers to support a full time C team AND a viable house league.

Why not Option 3? Elimination of travel teams leaves no option for players who want to be in more competitive situations, or for players who are ambitious of making an A or B team next season who want the most ice/practice/competition possible.

We have learned a lot in the past 2 seasons, and our board has had a considerable amount of feedback in favor of C teams. It is recognized that adding C teams has stressed our organization, and AYHA can do much better job at communicating what the C team “product” is. It is our intention to communicate clearly and consistently on this moving forward. We also understand and accept that some will not want to play in house league, and will seek travel play in other organizations.

I hope this helps explain things regarding C travel. Please let me know if you have any questions.  



Henry Vanderminden

AYHA President


PS A reminder that our board meetings are open to all members, and the meeting schedule is posted on We would love to see you there!