AYHA Goalies Participate in Mac Goaltending clinic

Updated Saturday December 24, 2016 by Ian Rueckert.

On Thursday December 15th, AYHA brought in Bryan Macdonald, co-founder and director of Mac Goaltending to run 2 Goalie Clinics.  Mac Goaltending is a skill development and consulting company for goaltenders of all ages and skill levels (macgoaltending.com). With only a 2 day advance notification, both sessions were filled within 8 hours! The overwhelming response made for a very successful event.


The first session was geared toward Mite age and younger players. Bryan was impressed with the enthusiasm and effort these kids brought to the ice.  He was able to quickly identify each player’s ability level and gear his instruction on drills to build confidence and consistency in their movements.


The Second session was an advanced clinic which featured 3 shooting and 1 skating station. The drills optimized the allocated ice and included movement, depth drills and rebound control.  Bryan also worked with our AYHA coaches and kept things moving for the time available.  Our coaches’ participation was also a great experience for them.  Now they can utilize what they learned from Bryan in future practices.


A big thank you to all the players and coaches who attended!  And thank you to AYHA member Tom Powers for championing this goalie clinic!